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Gerald R. Sherratt Library


interlibrary-loan: Track your ILL Request

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The first time you sign in, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Please fill it out completely and use an email address that you check frequently since that is how ILLiad will communicate with you.

Your login information is the same as your SUU username and password.

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   What does this ILLiad status mean?

ILLiad allows you to view information in your account, such as checking the status of current requests, current check outs, due dates, and other notifications.  All of these can be viewed in the main menu of ILLiad.

The following is a guide to the status updates you might encounter for your Interlibrary Loan requests.

Awaiting Conditional Processing: ILL has requested this item and the lending library has responded with conditions for the loan of the item. ILL staff will review the conditions and availability of the item elsewhere to determine if we will accept the lending library’s terms. Cancelled by ILL Staff: The request has been cancelled by ILL staff. When ILL staff cancels an item, ILLiad immediately sends an e-mail message explaining the reason for the cancellation.
Awaiting Copyright Clearance: This request has just been submitted, and ILL staff must determine if copyright fees should be paid to obtain the item. Checked Out to Customer: The item is checked out to the customer. 
Awaiting Customer Contact: This item has arrived in ILL and has been processed, but is not yet on the hold shelf. Items in this status will be ready for checkout very soon and the user will receive an email when it's ready for pick up from the Check Out desk. Customer Notified via E-Mail: The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and is on the holds shelf. The user has been notified by email to pick up the item.
Awaiting Denied Renewal Processing: The lending library has refused to renew the item. The user will be notified by email that the item must be returned by the original due date. Delivered to Web: The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and posted to the customer's ILLiad account. It is available to be viewed and/or downloaded electronically via Adobe Acrobat.
Awaiting Extensive Searching: This item is more difficult to locate than our usual requests, and has been routed to the ILL staff for in-depth searching.  In DD Stacks Searching: This item is available from the Sherratt Library and has been requested as part of the Distance Education services. The item is being located and pulled for scanning. Patrons can expect the item to be delivered to their ILLiad account within 2 business days.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing: The requested material has arrived but is not yet ready for pickup. Patrons can expect the item to be ready within 1 business day. In Electronic Delivery Processing: This item has been sent to us electronically, but has not yet been processed by ILL staff. In most cases, patrons can expect the item to be delivered within 1 business day.
Awaiting Recalled Processing: The lending library has recalled the item and wants it sent back immediately. The user will be notified by email that the item needs to be returned. In Transit: This item has been returned at another library and is travelling back to ILL.
Awaiting Renewal OK Processing: The lending library has granted a renewal on the item and the ILL staff is updating the request. The user will be notified of the new due date by email. Item Checked In: The item has been returned by the customer, checked in by the ILL staff and is waiting return processing.
Awaiting Request Processing: We have received your request but have not yet sent it to other libraries. Request Finished: The request has been successfully processed and completed.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing: We have sent your request to potential lenders but no one has filled the request. We will continue to try to obtain the material from other sources. Request In Processing: The request is being processed by ILL staff at this moment.
Cancelled by Customer: Customer has cancelled the request. Request Sent: The request has been sent to potential lenders and ILL is waiting for a lender to ship the item.