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interlibrary-loan: Making a New ILL Request

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The first time you sign in, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Please fill it out completely and use an email address that you check frequently since that is how ILLiad will communicate with you.

Your login information is the same as your SUU username and password.

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New ILL Requests

ILL New Requests menu showing articles, book, book chapters, multimedia, and thesis items may be requested.To put in a new request, after you've signed in, go to the New Requests menu in the top menu bar, and select the appropriate item type for your request. Most requests are for Articles, but there are also specific forms for Books, Book Chapters, Multimidedia items and Thesis. The forms are all very similar but will vary slightly in the information required to help the library in locating and requesting your particular item.

Most articles, book chapters, and some thesis will be posted as PDF files to your ILLiad account. An article may take 1-3 days to arrive. You will receive an email that the article is available for you to download.

Please be as detailed as possible in your request and then click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the form.

Note: Textbooks cannot be ordered through Interlibrary Loan.

How to Make a New ILL Request

Once you have selected the proper form type for your item, the rest is as simple as copying and pasting the information from wherever you found the source to the required fields in the form.

The required fields are listed as (required) but the more information you provide the easier it will be for the library staff to locate the requested article.

One option that is absolutely crucial is to make sure you have actually searched in other locations for the article. The reason this is so important is that if you find it elsewhere, it means you have instant access to it, rather than having to wait those 1-3 days. The places to look include Find Journal by Title (Links to an external site.) and Google Scholar (Links to an external site.). Other places to look are on the Check Availability First page.

Where is my ILL Request?

To access articles, login to ILLiad and click the Electronically Received Articles link to view or download the article. Please note that the PDF file is only accessible for 30 days; if you want to keep it, you must save it to your own computer or flash drive.

Books are sent to the Sherratt Library by mail; expect 1-2 weeks for arrival. We will try to get your items from the closest libraries first so they could come faster, but please allow yourself enough time to get the materials shipped.

You'll get an email notice when the book is available for you to pick up at the library. Bring your picture ID to the Check Out desk on the first floor to pick up your interlibrary loan item