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Chemistry: Research Help

Welcome to the Chemistry Research Guide!

This guide is to help you get a jumpstart on Chemistry Research by giving an overview of what Chemistry and Physical Science Resources are available in the library, along with some quick tips on how to find and use them.


Sherratt Library provides access to a number of databases on a wide range of subjects. Below is a list of databases with content related to Chemistry:

Other Online Resources

PubChem (An open chemistry database at the National Institutes of Health)

Journals, Periodicals and Reference

Although many of the resources we have in the Sherratt Library are available in electronic form, there are times when a print copy is the way to go. Below is a sample list of some key journals and reference sources we have in print and electronic formats. (Note: Print copies of journals are housed on the first floor of Sherratt Library, organized alphabetically by title.)

  • Analytical Chemistry (print)
  • Biochemistry
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society (print)
  • Journal of Chemical Education (print)

Books and Ebooks

Here at Sherratt Library, we use the Library of Congress classification system (call numbers) to organize most of our items, including print books and e-books. Below is a general list of call numbers that relate to [discipline] (they can help you find items faster).

QD 1-999 - Chemistry
QD 1-65 - General (including 

QD 71-142 - Analytical chemistry

QD 146-197 - Inorganic chemistry

QD 241-441 - Organic chemistry

QD 415-436 - Biochemistry

QD 450-801 - Physical and 
theoretical chemistry

QD 625-655 - Radiation chemistry

QD 701-731 - Photochemistry

QD 901-999 - Crystallography

Librarian for Chemistry

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Chris Younkin
Sherratt Library 303i
(435) 865-8054

ACS Style Guide

This link will take you to the official ACS Style Guide with explanations and examples of how to cite sources in an ACS publication

  ACS Style Guide