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Chemistry: SciFinder Scholar

This guide is to help you get a jumpstart on Chemistry Research by giving an overview of what Chemistry Resources are available in the library, along with some quick tips on how to use them.

About SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder logo

SciFinder Scholar is the online connection to Chemical Abstracts, the database of chemistry literature. Over 27 million citations to chemistry publications are searchable by topic, author, CAS Registry Number, patent number, and CAS abstract number. In some cases, links to the full-text of journal articles are available. Over 21 million citations to medical and biological references in MEDLINE, 40 million organic and inorganic substances, and 59 million sequences.

Login to SciFinder Scholar if you have a username and password:

  • Access is restricted to the SUU IP address. (You can access through campus computer labs or the campus mobile network.)
  • Only for academic use. Commercial use is prohibited.

Register HERE if you do not have a SciFinder account (you must register from SUU campus computers):

  • Follow registration requirements very carefully! See Username and Password Tips for help.
  • When you register, your email must have an SUU email domain:
    • (faculty & staff)
    • (students)
  • After you submit the form, CAS sends you an e-mail message with instructions for completing the registration process. This institution check is the reason for needing an e-mail with SUU’s e-mail domain.


Students: If you do not use SUU Gmail, you must set up your SUU Gmail account in order to register with SciFinder Scholar.

  • To set up your SUU Gmail accountl, login to mySUU, then click SUUMAIL in the RESOURCES box. Your SUU Gmail address will be:
  • If your SUU preferred e-mail account is not your SUU Gmail address, you can set up your SUU Mail account to forward mail to your preferred e-mail address. In your SUU Mail account, click Settings (the gear icon at the top), in General choose Settings, click Forwarding and POP/IMAP, click Add a forwarding address

SciFinder Use Restrictions:

  • Must be a student or faculty member at SUU.
  • Must be accessed from an SUU IP address.
  • May only be used for your own academic research.
  • May not be used for commercial research.
  • May store up to 5,000 records, but they must be deleted when your research is complete.
  • Violation by any user could result in termination of the license for all users

SciFinder Help

  • How-To Guides 
    Quick overviews of SciFinder's basic functionality: Substance Searching, Reaction Searching, and Reference Searching
  • Tutorial Video

Access SciFinder Scholar

Access SciFinder Scholar from the Library:

Search Strategies

Search for articles on a topic

  • References --> Research Topic

Search for a reference using a document identifier or bibliographic information

  • References --> Document Identifier
  • References --> Journal

Search for information from a person or company

  • References --> Author Name
  • References --> Company Name
  • References --> Research Topic --> Advanced Search --> Search by Author or Company
  • References --> Research Topic --> Refine by Author or Company

Search for patents

  • References --> Patent

Search by drawing structure; useful for eliminating isomers

  • Substances --> Chemical Structure
  • Substances --> Markush

Search by the number of atoms of each element in a molecule

  • Substances --> Molecular Formula

Search by an experimental or predicted property

  • Substances --> Property

Search by chemical name (common name, trade name, or acronym) or CAS registry number

  • Substances --> Substance Identifier

Search by drawing a structure

  • Reactions --> Reaction Structure

Search by the name of the reaction

  • References --> Research Topic

A screen shot of the SciFinder menu.