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Find Journal by Title

Find Journal by Title

Use this tool to discover the accessibility of specific electronic and print journal, magazine, or newspaper titles provided to you by the SUU Library. It uses EBSCOhost's Full Text Finder to complete your search and quickly indicate:

  • whether the library has access to the periodical
  • in which database it can be found
  • other helpful details, like the range of years available

This function does NOT find articles, but it can tell you whether the library has a particular periodical in full text, whether in a database or in the Journals Collection (print periodicals).

Hint: To find articles within a journal, magazine, or newspaper, use the Article & Journals link, and choose from those databases instead.

If you need help with using this tool, please use the Find Journal by Title Help Page.


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To browse databases by title:

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If the search finds that the journal is not available in the library or through one of the library database subscriptions, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Find Journal by Title Help

Find Journal by Title

In order to use the Find Journal by Title tool effectively, you will need to know the title of the journal or magazine you seek. This function enables you to discover whether the library has access to the journal in an online database or in print. Once you know that, you can track down specific articles and have them available immediately.


1. From the library home page click the tabs Research > Find Journal by Title and then type in the title of the journal.


Image - screenshot of Find Journal by Title function page


2. The results screen will show you if the journal is available in the library and will indicate which if any print issues are available and in which online databases where you will find the journal articles available.



3. In the above example, Ful Text Access includes indexed articles in two databases, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, beginning 01/01/1985 and ProQuest Newstand (Complete) beginning even further back, in 06/01/1980. In the real results list, those links are live links to the journal title gateway in the databases themselves.