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Theatre Arts & Dance: Finding Monologues and Plays

Your guide to the resources for the Department Theatre Arts and Dance

How to Find Plays and Monologues

Searching the Catalog

Using the advanced search option in the library's catalog, type plays or monologues in the subject search box.

If you want to search within these collections, you can use the other advance search options to narrow it down more.

If you are looking for plays by a specific playwright, use the author search box to search their name. Search their last name, or full name (usually in the last, first format).

Shakespeare and plays

If you are looking for plays or monologues on a specific topic or genre, you can use the words or phrase box to search the keywords that represent the kind you are looking for.

contemporary and plays

female and monologues

Similarily, you can search for specific titles using the title search box, limiting it by the subject plays will help ensure that you only get that format, incase there is a similarly title book or movie.

The catalog will search both print and ebook formats, so pay attention to the icons on the right hand side, which will show what format of book it is.


Searching Twentieth-Century Drama

The best database option for finding plays and monologues is Twentieth-Century Drama. This has a searchable collection of both, and an advanced search option that can help filter through play options, and pick a monologue.

The searching options include searching by keyword, title, playwright, and even to select those options from a list.

When using the Find Monologues option, there are option to search by gender of the role, name of the speaker, the details of the play and/or the playwright.

Monologue search options from Twentieth-Century Drama


How to Find Readers' Theatre

Readers' Theater is found in several places in the library, because it is a genre that crosses disciplines and uses. It is a theater style, but it is also a literacy tactic in education. Because of this, the easiest way to find readers' theater scripts as well as books about readers' theater is to search it as a subject, in Advanced Search.


Search Readers' Theater in the subject bar of Advanced Search.