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Music: Classes

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SUU Music classes

Class-specific Research Guides are available on the "Classes" tab above for the following SUU courses:

  • Music 1010--Introduction to Music (gen-ed course)
  • Music 1020--Popular Music in America (gen-ed course)
  • Music 1050--Music of the World  (gen-ed course)

Writing about Music

Workin' on it . . .

"Musical meaning is vague, mutable, and, in the end, deeply personal. Still, even if history can never tell us exactly what music means, music can tell us something about history" (Ross, The Rest is Noise [2007], xvii). Music not only entertains but inspires and educates as well, which makes it a political and social tool. Since music reflects influences of both time and place, understanding music helps understand people. Studying music shapes your experience as a learner and tastes as a listener

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