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ESL: Searching for Graded Readers

Searching the Catalog

The Find Books and eBooks button of the library's website.The easiest way to find and browse the ELL Graded Reader collection online is to search them in the Catalog. You get there by clicking on Find Books and eBooks on the Library's homepage, just below the large search box.

Once in the Advanced Search of the catalog, you can click on More Options to find the options to search by Call Number.

button for More Options in the Advanced Search in the Catalog.

In the More Options search, you can change the drop down box to the right of your search boxes to search by Call Number. Call Numbers are the addresses of where the books live in the library. All of the Graded Readers are in the PZ section, so searching for PZ* in a call number search will bring up the full list.

It's important that you also check Books in the Item Type list. This will filter out any random items the catalog finds so that you only see actual books. Sometimes the top results will be about the Library of Congress system (which is how our books and other items are organized) but scrolling down should get you to the readers. You can also use the drop down menu on the right to sort your results by Call Number instead. This should prioritize the PZ call number book, which are all graded readers.

screenshot of Koha advanced search with more options selected. The search box is set to search by Call Number, and PZ* is in the search box. The option to only search by books is also highlighted and selected.

Quick Steps

  1. Library Homepage > Using the Library >  click on Books and eBooks Catalog
  2. Click More Options
  3. Select Call Number from the drop down by search box
  4. Type "PZ" in search box
  5. Check Books in Item Types
  6. Click red Search Button
  7. Change drop down sorting option on the right to Call Number (0-9 to A-Z)

the drop down list for how to sort the results.