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Psychology: Mental Measurements Yearbook

This library research guide will provide quick, organized access to online databases and articles, ebooks, videos, and more for Psychology majors.

Mental Measurements Yearbook Database

SUU Library also provides online access to the Mental Measurements Yearbook database online. You can search for specific test reviews by:

  1. Go to the Mental Measurements Yearbook database (also linked on the library's A-Z database page).
  2. Search for the test by name, or using other publication information.
  3. Access the test review through the links provide in the search results.

Watch this short video to see the full process


Mental Measurements Yearbook in Print

The SUU Library owns print copies of the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) from  the 3rd Edition (1949) to the current  21st Edition (2021). All editions are located in the Reference Collection on the first floor of the library (call number BF 431 .M46). Search the Library Catalog by the title "Mental Measurements Yearbook" to find a list of all editions.

The MMY contain reviews of tests covering personality, aptitude, psychology, intelligence, speech and hearing, sensory motor abilities and other related areas. Test information includes the author, publisher, scoring information, and references to critical reviews of the test. Beginning with the Fourteenth MMY (2001), volumes in the series are produced every two years.

Note for students: You will not find tests in the MMY, only the reviews of tests.

Finding a Specific Test Review

Each edition in the MMY covers the time period since the previous volume. If you want to search for a specific test review, use the "Mental Measurements Index (Buros)" to locate the MMY edition that contains it.

How to Search for a Test Review:

  1. Go to the Mental Measurements Index (Buros) (also linked on the library's A-Z database page).
  2. Search the MMY Index with a Keyword Search (Test Title, Acronym, Author, Publisher, Purpose, or Scores), or you can choose the Alphabetical Listing or Category Search).
  3. Locate the MMY edition in the "Reviewed In" row of the Details table on the test's page.

Watch this short video to see the full process


image of references

Test Review References

Each test review entry in MMY ends with a list of "Reviewers' References." You may find these references useful for further research invovling the test. There are several ways to locate the referenced source. Try searching the SUU library by putting the title in the main search box on the library homepage ( If the source is not available through the library, consider requesting it through interlibrary loan or asking the librarian for Psychology, Chris Younkin (

SUU Library Catalog Records for MMY

SUU Call number Year Issue
BF 431 .M46 1949 3rd 1949 3rd
BF 431 .M46 1953 4th 1953 4th
BF 431 .M46 1959 5th 1959 5th
BF 431 .M46 1965 6th 1965 6th
BF 431 .M46 1972 v.1 1972 7th
BF 431 .M46 1972 v.2 1972 7th
BF 431 .M46 1978 v.1 1978 8th
BF 431 .M46 1978 v.2 1978 8th
BF 431 .M46 1985 v.1 1985 9th
BF 431 .M46 1985 v.2 1985 9th
BF 431 .M46 1988 supp. 1998 9th
BF 431 .M46 1989 1989 10th
BF 431 .M46 1990 supp 1990 10th
BF 431 .M46 1992 1992 11th
BF 431 .M46 1994 supp. 1994 11th
BF 431 .M46 1995 1995 12th
BF 431 .M46 1996 supp 1996 12th
BF 431 .M46 1998 1998 13th
BF 431 .M46 1999 supp 1999 13th
BF 431 .M46 2001 2001 14th
BF 431 .M46 2003 2003 15th
BF 431 .M46 2005 2005 16th
BF 431 .M46 2007 2007 17th
BF 431 .M46 2010 2010 18th
BF 431 .M46 2014 19th 2014 19th
BF 431 .M46 2017 20th 2017 20th
BF 431 .M46 2021 21st 2021 21st