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Research Guides

FLHD 1500 Library Research Tips: Research Debate Assignment

Research assignment help page for FLHD 1500. Instructor: Rea Gubler.

Using the eJournal Finder to locate journals

If you find a journal article you want in a reference list from a journal, Use theeJournal Finder to see if the SUU Library has the journal you need in an online database or in print.

  1. Copy the journal title, not the article title
  2. Enter the journal title in the eJournal Finder 
  3. The eJournal Finder search will indicate in which article database the journal can be found.

If the library doesn't have the journal, request it through the  Interlibrary Loan Service

Recommended Library Resources

Go to the SUU Library, click the Research tab and select Articles & Journals to find the following article databases:

  • Enter topic keywords and click the Search button
  • In the Limit to box:
    • Limit the Publication Date to 2005 to present
    • Limit your results to Full Text articles
    • Limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • Finally select Source Types to Magazines, Academic Journals, or Trade Publications
  • Further refine your results by adding more keywords in the search box
  • To focus your search even more click an article title and inspect the Subject Terms. Clicking on a subject term will bring up all the articles in with that subject.

Also consider Databases by Subject for more in depth research. E.g., in Education and Psychology and Social Sciences you'll find these helpful:

Searching Academic Search Premier

Search the Academic Search Premier database for articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers in most academic subjects. Search results can be limited to full text and scholarly (peer reviewed) journals. This database is produced by the EBSCO company from which we purchase 52 other databases.

From the Library homepage click Research, then select Articles and Journals, then Academic Search Premier in the Frequently Used Databases box.You'll also find links to Academic Search Premier in all of the database subject lists. The following tips for searching can be used for all the EBSCO databases.

  1. Enter keywords or phrases and click Search. If necessary, add additional keywords to narrow your results.
  2. In the Refine Results column you can limit your results by selecting Full TextScholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, or by narrowing the Publication Date. You can also narrow your results by selecting a Source Type: Academic JournalsMagazines, or Newspapers.
  3. Click on the HTML or Full Text to view the article.
  4. Click on an article title to see a Tools menu on the right for options to PrintE-mailSave, or Cite the article.
  5. Click on the Cite button to copy/paste the citation in APA or MLA format. (Make any necessary corrections before using these citations in your Works Cited or Reference lists.)

Academic Search Premier searching video (4:28 min):

Generating citations from Academic Search Premier video (1:59 min):