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Physical Education: Research Help

Welcome to the Physical Education Research Guide!

This guide is to help you get a jumpstart on Physical Education Research by giving an overview of what Physical Education Resources are available in the library, along with some quick tips on how to find and use them.


Sherratt Library provides access to a number of databases on a wide range of subjects. Below is a list of databases with content related to Physical Education:

Journals and Periodicals

Although many of the journals we have in Sherratt Library are available in electronic form, there are times when a print copy is the way to go. Below is a list of journals we have in print and electronic formats. See titles for links to each journal. (Note: Print copies of journals are housed on the first floor of Sherratt Library, organized alphabetically by title.)

Books and Ebooks

Here at Sherratt Library, we use the Library of Congress classification system (call numbers) to organize most of our items, including print books and e-books. Below is a general list of call numbers that relate to Physical Education (they can help you find items faster).

  • GV201-555 - Physical education and training
  • GV346-351.5 - School and college athletics. Intramural and interscholastic athletics
  • GV401-433 - Physical education facilities. Sports facilities Including gymnasiums, athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.
  • GV435-436.7 - Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.
  • GV450-451.4 - Nudism. Sunbathing
  • GV460-555 - Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises Including calisthenics, heavy exercises, acrobatics, etc.
  • GV557-1198.995 - Sports
  • GV711 - Coaching
  • GV712-725 - Athletic contests. Sports events
  • GV733-734.5 - Professionalism in sports. Professional sports (General)
  • GV735 - Umpires. Sports officiating
  • GV743-749 - Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc.
  • GV770.3-840 - Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba diving, etc.
  • GV840.7-857 - Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding, snowmobiling, etc.
  • GV861-1017 - Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc.
  • GV1040-1060.4 - Cycling. Bicycling. 
  • GV1060.5-1098 - Track and field athletics
  • GV1100-1150.9 - Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.
  • GV1151-1190 - Shooting. Archery
  • GV1195-1198.995 - Wrestling
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