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Information Literacy Canvas Modules: Home

Links to viewable and downloadable Information Literacy Modules that can be used as supplements or downloaded into your canvas courses.

Canvas Information Literacy Modules

The links below in the titles will take you the Canvas Commons module that can be imported or downloaded directly into your Canvas course. Make sure you are logged into Canvas Commons first before clicking. You can also find them in Canvas Common by searching "SUU Library." 

Instructions on how to Import/Download are in the box titled "How to Use Canvas Commons."

Canvas Commons logo link in the left side menu bar of Canvas.

  • APA Style

    • Explains how to format papers in the APA Style, create in-text citations, and reference pages. Explains how to find and use DOIs and best practices for citation generators as well. Includes quiz and example reference page assignment.
  • Citing Sources

    • Covers plagiarism and why citing is important. Gives basic overviews on MLA and APA, and how to use the EBSCO Database Citation generator tool. Includes a sample works cited assignment and quiz.
  • Creating a Good Research Question

    • Walks through the process of coming up with a good research question, starting with topic, refining, rewriting, and testing. Includes two activities to promote interaction with the writing process, as well as a quiz to test their knowledge.
  • Developing Topics

    • Walks the students through the process of narrowing and refining topics using information literacy skills of brainstorming, doing background research, and thinking of the topic in terms of research questions or thesis statements. It also discuses searching to learn in Google Scholar. Includes a quiz.
  • How to Evaluate Sources

    • This module covers the CRAAP Test (Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose), shows how to apply it to journal articles, and includes a quiz covering the topic and which gives actual evaluation practice.
  • How to Write Literature Reviews- Masters of Education

    • An 8 Module reference series on how to write graduate level literature reviews, focusing on resources for the education masters program. Each module has a quiz or practice assignment, or both.
  • How to Write Literature Reviews- Nursing Program

    • An 8 Module reference series on how to write graduate level literature reviews, focusing on resources for the nursing program. Each module has a quiz or practice assignment, or both.
  • Interlibrary Loan

    • This module walks you through the process of how to set up an Interlibrary Loan account, how to put in a request, how to double check to see if the item is available elsewhere in the library, and how to check the status of interlibrary loan requests, including renewals.
  • Keywords and Boolean Operators

    • Explanations of how keywords and keyphrases work, basics of Boolean Operators AND, OR, and NOT, as well as advanced searching techniques such as nesting and truncation. Includes quiz covering all the topics.
  • Popular vs. Scholarly Publications

    • Goes through the differences between publication types and how to use each type (magazine and journal articles). It also talks about the structure of a scholarly article and how to search for just scholarly articles in the databases. Includes quiz covering all the topics and giving the opportunity to distinguish the differences between scholarly and popular publications on the same subject.
  • The Research Process

    • An overview of the research process with links to other courses for more detail. Includes sample brainstorming assignment and quiz.
  • Synthesizing Information

    • This module discusses about how scholarship is a conversation and how synthesizing your sources is a necessary step to writing, as it is how we use the different ideas as well as the writer's own ideas to join the conversation on that topic. It teaches how to critically read scholarly articles for synthesis, how to create and fill out a synthesis matrix, and how to interpret the matrix to identify gaps in the research and then use the matrix to create an outline to write a research paper. This module includes a quiz and sample assignment.
  • Understanding and Using Sources

    • Talks about the different types of sources (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and how to use each source type. It also covers how to read an article and the best way to use books in research. Includes a quiz, which covers all the topics.
  • Using the Library Databases

    • Explanations on what library databases are and why they are important, tips on how to use Academic Search Ultimate, as well as how to choose and use subject specific databases and how to use Interlibrary Loan if what you need is not in any of the library databases. Includes quiz covering all the topics.
  • Using Zotero

    • A brief overview of reference management programs before detailing how to download and set up a Zotero account, use Zotero to save sources, and create citations with Zotero. Includes quiz covering all the topics.


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How to Use Canvas Commons

You can look up these modules in Canvas Commons as well. Search for SUU Library, and then click on the one you want.

You have the option to Import/Download the module directly into the class you select by clicking Import/Download and then selecting the courses you want to import it into, or you can download the file and upload it to the canvas account you want it in.

The import/download button in a Canvas Commons module that easily allows you to add the module to any course.

screenshot of after clicking on the import/download button, you have the option to search or select which courses to import to.

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