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Gerald R. Sherratt Library


Open Educational Resources (OER): Grant Application Information

This guide on OER is intended to 1) help faculty find high quality OER to support their curriculum, 2) support students in finding supplemental materials to aid their studies.

SUU Library OER Grant Application

Applications for SUU Library OER Grant will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please complete the following Google Doc (don't forget to make a copy) or use the template below. 

LINK to Google Doc. 

Application Information


SUU Sherratt Library OER Grant Application 

Professional information --  




Course information --

Course name and number:

Average enrollment:

Number of sections per semester:  

Semester(s) offered: 

Current textbook information --


Typical cost: 

Estimated savings for students: 

Narrative of OER Plan: 

Please address the following questions as they relate to your project (2 pages maximum): 

  • How do you plan to replace the current textbook for the course (i.e. explain how you plan to adapt existing materials or create your own materials)?
  • Is the proposed OER central to or peripheral to the course? 
  • What formats and/or platforms will be used (e.g. pdf, website, video, etc.)?  
  • How will students access the content? 
  • How will copyright issues be addressed (e.g., if creating OER and utilizing content owned by 3rd parties, is the use of copyrighted material allowable under fair use or through a Creative Commons license)? For more information about copyright please see this LibGuide:
  • Will you require support from colleagues at the Libraries or other campus units (e.g., to identify or compile resources, consult on copyright or accessibility issues)?
  • What problems do you anticipate (e.g., will students be challenged to access the resources, are there time constraints or technology barriers, etc.)? 
  • When do you plan to implement the content adopted, adapted, or created via this proposal?
  • What are your anticipated outcomes and how will you know they were achieved?
  • Priority will be given to high enrollment General Education. Faculty/instructors may submit as often as they choose; however, priority will be given to those who have not utilized OER in the past. 

Completed applications should be submitted to Rosalyn Liljenquist, Scholarly Communications Librarian at