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Gerald R. Sherratt Library


Open Educational Resources (OER): Sciences OER

This guide on OER is intended to 1) help faculty find high quality OER to support their curriculum, 2) support students in finding supplemental materials to aid their studies.

Sciences OER

College Department  GE Course  OER 
Sciences  Biology 

BIOL 1010 

BIOL 1015 

BIOL 1020 

BIOL 1025 

BIOL 1610 

BIOL 1615 

BIOL 2050

BIOL 2500


OpenStax Biology 

OpenStax Concepts
of Biology 

OpenStax Anatomy
and Physiology 


  Physical Sciences 

CHEM 1010 

CHEM 1020 

CHEM 1110

CHEM 1115 

CHEM 1210

CHEM 1215 

GEO 1010

GEO 1115

GEO 1020

GEO 1030 

GEO 1050

GEO 1090

GEO 1110

GEO 2210

GEOG 1000

GEOG 1300

GEOG 1400 

PHYS 1010

PHYS 1040 

PHYS 2010

PHYS 2210

OpenStax Chemistry 

OpenStax Chemistry: Atoms First

BC Campus Introductory Chemistry 

Saylor Introductory Chemistry 

Biochemistry: Free for All 

General Chemistry: Principles, 
Patters, & Applications 

Open Geology 

Physical Geography 

World Regional Geography: 
People, Places, and Globalization

OpenStax Astronomy 

OpenStax College Physics 

University Physics I: 
Classical Mechanics 

The Adventure of Physics:
Volume 1: Fall, Flow and Heat
Volume 2: Relativity
Volume 3: Light, Charges and Brains   
Volume 4: The Quantum of Change 
Volume 5: Motion Inside Matter -- 
Pleasure, Technology and Stars 

Volume 6: The Strand Model -- A 
Speculation on Unification