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Gerald R. Sherratt Library


Open Educational Resources (OER): Humanities and Social Sciences OER

This guide on OER is intended to 1) help faculty find high quality OER to support their curriculum, 2) support students in finding supplemental materials to aid their studies.


College  Department  GE Course  OER 
HSS Communications

COMM 1010 

COMM 1310 

COMM 2010 

COMM 2110 

COMM 2150


Writing for Electronic Media 

Media, Society, Culture, and You 

Media Studies 101 

Communication in the Real World 


ENGL 1010

ENGL 2010 

ENGL 2020 

ENGL 2130

ENGL 2200 

ENGL 2210 

ENGL 2230 

Writing Spaces Vol. 1 

Writing Spaces Vol. 2 

Writing Unleashed 

Writing and Literature: 
Composition as Inquiry, Learning, 
Thinking, and Communication

You Writing! A Guide to College 

Mythology Unbound 

  History, Sociology, 
& Anthropology 

HIST 1100 

HIST 1500 

HIST 1510 

HIST 1700 

HIST 2200 

ANTH 1010 

ANTH 1020 

SOC 1010 

SOC 1020 

World History: Cultures, States, 
& Society

OpenStax U.S.History 

American Yawp 

The Art of Being Human: A 
Textbook for Cultural Anthropology

OpenStax Sociology 

Classical Sociological Theory & 
Foundations of American Sociology


  Languages & Philosophy

CHIN 1010 

CHIN 1020 

CHIN 2010 

CHIN 2020 

FREN 1010

FREN 1020 

FREN 2010 

FREN 2020 

GERM 1010 

GERM 1020 

GERM 2010 

GERM 2020

PHIL 1000 

PHIL 1250 

SPAN 1010 

SPAN 1020 

SPAN 2010

SPAN 2020

Center for Open Educational Resources
and Language Learning

UT Language Resources for

Tout un Monde: An Interdisciplinary
Approach to Intermediate French

Deutsch im Blick 

A Foundation Course in Reading 

Introduction to Philosophy: Logic 

Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics 

Introduction to Philosophy:
Philosophy of Mind

An Introduction to Philosophy 
(BC Campus) 

Words of Wisdom: Intro to

Modern Philosophy 

Spanish 1: Beginning Spanish 
Language and Culture 

Libro Libre: Beginning Spanish 


  Political Science &
Criminal Justice 

POLS 1100 

POLS 2100 

POLS 2200 

POLS 2300 

CJ 1010 

Attenuate Democracy: 
A Critical Introduction to US
Government and Politics

OpenStax American Government

American Government and Politics
in the Information Age

Introduction to the American Criminal
Justice System

Introduction to Criminal Investigation:
Processes, Practices, and Thinking 



PSY 1010

PSY 1100 

OpenStax Psychology 

Psychology: The Science of 
Human Potential