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Goals, Mission, & Vision: Our Goals

To fulfill the mission, the Sherratt Library has the following core values:



Provide services that lead to academic success.

  • Achieve median level of staffing levels compared to peer institutions.
  • Add student workers for access services, graphic design and marketing, digitization, technology and collection development.
  • Support University goal to encourage scholarly efforts of faculty and students.
  • Promote library services
  • Encourage employee training and recognize exceptional performance.


Build an outstanding library collection in suitable formats that supports teaching and learning.

  • Increase access to print and electronic information
  • Increase access to collections (Special Collections, main collection, etc.) through increased hours (see item 1,a,iv).
  • Compare percent of budget allocated to electronic vs. print resources as compared to peers
  • Expand opportunities to collect and disseminate student and faculty scholarship.


Provide efficient access to accurate and reliable information.

  • Employ technological measures to create more intuitive access to information.
  • Manage collections through technology.


Educate students, faculty, staff, and the community in developing information literacy skills and in the value of library information resources and services.

  • Ensure every student graduates with a mastery of basic information literacy competencies and mastery of information resources in their subject specialties
  • Ensure every student in the library media programs acquires a mastery of professional competencies upon completion of degree / endorsement.
  • Sponsor conferences and exhibits


Guarantee the preservation of records / artifacts essential to our cultural heritage.

  • Expand the University archives
  • As the Southern Utah Regional Repository, provide services and materials to our region
  • Publish materials through the SUU Press.
  • Participate as a regional hub of the Mountain West Digital Library.
  • Review and promote improvements in campus records management mechanisms.

Facilities & Equipment

Create a quiet, safe, comfortable environment for our users.

  • Expand the physical special collections / university archives area.
  • Provide additional mediated group study rooms.
  • Update, distribute, and communicate emergency evacuation plan.
  • Install flat panel monitors to promote and direct patrons to service points.
  • Upgrade electrical sources for laptops and other mobile devices
  • Provide learning spaces where patrons can be productive and comfortable
  • Maintain and update computer network and equipment.
  • Update circulation equipment ( i.e. desensitizers for check in & check out, self-checkout machine ).


Library services and collections are evaluated regularly to insure a superior level of quality.

  • Assess library services and collections.
  • Assess library personnel.