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Mathematics: Google Scholar

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Setting up Google Scholar


Google Scholar,, is a subset of Google that is designed to search for academic and scholarly articles, patents and legal documents, and books online. Google Scholar uses its own criteria to consider whether a publication is scholarly. This may not be the same criteria used by your instructor so always evaluate the sources before you use them!

Set up Google Scholar to search for full text articles available through the SUU Library:

  1. Go to Google Scholar, ; Click the menu bars at top left.
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom of the menu list. 
  3. Click Library Links,
  4. Search for Southern Utah University; when it appears in the list below, check the box next to it.
  5. Click Save, you're all set up!

Search Google Scholar:

  • Once Scholar Preferences have been set up, articles accessible through the SUU Library will show up as Full text access via SUU.
  • Click Full text access via SUU, then click the link under Full Text Finder Results​ to access the article if it doesn't automatically redirect you to the article.

Setting up Scholar

An image showing where the settings option is on Google Scholar- top left corner.An image showing the menu options, with settings at the very bottom

An image of the Google Scholar settings, showing the library links process.

An image of Google Scholar search results, highlighting the access via SUU options.