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Gerald R. Sherratt Library


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Library contact information: Faculty & Staff directory



James Sage


(435) 586-7703

OM 212

Matt Nickerson

Assoc.Dean/Executive Director

Library Liaison for Art, Dance, Geosciences, Kinesiology/Human Performance, Outdoor Recreation, Physical Science, Theatre/Film, Southwest Tech

(435) 586-1955

LB 302C

Anne Diekema

Department Chair/ Instruction/Outreach Librarian

Library Liaison for Biology, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies, Language & Philosophy

(435) 586-5435

LB 303E

Sheri Butler

Business Manager Administrative Assistant IV

(435) 586-7947

LB 302

Trudy Widup

Library Department Administrative Assistant

(435) 865-8172

LB 303A


Library Media Program

Caitlin Gerrity

Library Media Program Director/Librarian

Library Liaison for Education, Family Life & Human Development (435) 586-1908 LB 303C


Access Services

Linda Liebhardt

Circulation Coordinator

(435) 865-8240

LB 102

Trecia Loveland

Copy Shop Coordinator

(435) 865-8440

LB 104

Loral Beecher

Access Services Assistant

(435) 865-8240

LB 102

Kelly Holman

Access Services Assistant

(435) 865-8240

LB 102

Sherry Bridges

Access Services Assistant

(435) 865-8240

LB 102

Emily Woodland

Access Services Assistant

(435) 865-8240

LB 102

Shelly Roy Copy Shop Assistant (435) 865-8440 LB104


Collection Development

Richard Saunders

Collection Development Librarian

Library Liaison for Aviation, Military Science, Engineering, Technology, General History, World History, US History, Sociology, Music

(435) 865-8392

LB 303F

Belinda Singleton

Acquisitions Analyst

(435) 586-7936

LB 306B


Data Management & Assessment and Reference

Scott Lanning

Data Management & Assessment and Reference Librarian

Library Liaison for School of Business, Reference, Generalities, Math, Computer Science (435) 865-8156 LB 303B


Library Instruction/Outreach

Anne Diekema

Instruction/Outreach Librarian

Library Liaison for Biology, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies, Language & Philosophy

(435) 586-5435

LB 303E

Christopher Clark

Engagement/Instruction Librarian

Library Liaison for English, Literature, Student Clubs

(435) 586-7952

LB 303H

Chris Younkin

Learning Experience Librarian

Library Liaison for Communication, Psychology

(435) 865-8054

LB 303I

Maralee Carlin

Instruction Librarian

Library Liaison for Anthropology, Library Science, American Language & Culture Center, Special Initiatives

(435) 865-8734

LB 306A


Scholarly Communication & Open Educational Resources

Rosie Liljenquist

Scholarly Communications Librarian

Library Liaison for OER & Scholarly Communications, Nutrition & Agriculture, T-Bird Texts

(435) 586-7946

LB 303K


Special Collections

Paula Mitchell

Special Collections Librarian

Library Liaison for Political Science, Criminal Justice, Juvenile Collection, Special Collections

(435) 586-7976

LB 303D

Sally McDonald

Special Collections Analyst

(435) 586-7945

LB 005C

Susan Christopher

Special Collections Analyst

(435) 586-7945

LB 005C


SUU Press

Jessie Byers

SUU Press  Analyst

(435) 865-8733

LB 306



Julie Wood

Library Network Administrator III

(435) 865-8052

LB 103


Resource Sharing

Tammy Buehler

Resource Sharing Coordinator

Interlibrary Loan

(435) 865-8241 

(435) 586-7938

LB 306

Susan Christopher

Resource Services Analyst/Cataloging/Serials

(435) 865-8241

LB 306

Jessie Byers

Resource Sharing Analyst/Cataloging

Interlibrary Loan

(435) 865-8733

LB 306

Belinda Singleton Resource Sharing Analyst/Acquisitions (435) 586-7936 LB 306B