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Nutrition: Research Help


Welcome to the Nutrition Research Guide!

This guide is to help you get a jumpstart on Nutrition Research by giving an overview of what Nutrition Resources are available in the library, along with some quick tips on how to find and use them.



Sherratt Library provides access to a number of databases on a wide range of subjects. Below is a list of databases with content related to Nutrition:

Other Online Resources

Journals and Periodicals

Although many of the journals we have in Sherratt Library are available in electronic form, there are times when a print copy is the way to go. Below is a list of journals we have in print and electronic formats. (Note: Print copies of journals are housed on the first floor of Sherratt Library, organized alphabetically by title.)

  • Bon Appetit (print) 
  • Nutrition Action Health Letter (print) 

Books and Ebooks

Here at Sherratt Library, we use the Library of Congress classification system (call numbers) to organize most of our items, including print books and e-books. Below is a general list of call numbers that relate to Nutrition (they can help you find items faster). Due to the unique nature of nutrition, book collections can be found in a variety of different systems. Materials on cookery, food technology and nutrition covered in this statement are primarily found in the Library of Congress subclass TX, along with relevant sections of subclasses TP, GT, RA, RM and QP, and in the S and Z classes.

Works on home economics, cookery, food chemistry, food safety testing, food supply safety issues, food contamination, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), nutritional components of foods, food analysis methods and analytical tables, food additives, food design and production, and careers in the food industry, as well as the history of food, its preparation, preservation, and consumption are found in the core subclass TX.

Also important to this subject area, the TP368-TP660 subclass includes works on food processing and manufacture, technology, and all types of food engineering, and preservation, including refrigeration and fermentation, food additives and compounds, beverage technology, and fats and oils. Works on the physiology of human nutrition, sports nutrition, Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs), nutritional tables, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other specialized areas of human nutrition and biochemistry, are classed in divisions of the subclass QP141-QP801A-Z.

Bibliographies are classed in various subdivisions of class Z; these include bibliographies on the food supply (Z7164), and on cookery and cookbooks (Z5771 and Z5776). Quite a few materials of importance to this subject are classed in additional areas, including works on nutraceuticals, functional foods, and food and health (classed in RA), popular diet books (classed in RM), works on food supply and food supply safety, sustainability, GMO crops, and animal science (classed in S), works on food history and customs (classed in GT), and works on food microbiology (classed in QR).

Librarian for Nutrition

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