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This guide provides FAQs to help patrons understand the basic features of the discovery service search interface.

Basic Search FAQs


Q. Where do I type in what I want to find?

A. In the area where the grey words "Find books, articles, and more" appear. Click your mouse arrow in there and you will see the cursor begin to blink, then you can start typing in your search term(s).

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Q. What does the arrow pointing down next to "Keyword" mean?

A. That arrow indicates that there is a list of choices, "Keyword, Title, or Author." If you know that the search terms you want to use would be indexed as part of a title or author's name, you may specify that by choosing from the drop-down menu. The default is "Keyword" because all indexed terms are considered keywords.

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Q. Where is the "Search" button?

A. We use "Go T-birds!" in place of the search button, to remind users that as T-birds we are all at SUU together, everyone and everything is here to help insure student success, including finding books, articles, and more.


Q. Why is there a check box called "Find full-text (for articles)?"

A. If you check this box before doing a search, the results will include articles that have the text available to you, right now, in PDF or HTML (Web page) format. This is a good choice to use if you need to read an article without having to wait for inter-library loan. Because this "Search Sherratt Library Resources" search box includes pretty much everything that we have indexed, you should be aware that regardless of the formats of the results, only articles are guaranteed to be in full-text for your search when you check the box; you may also receive results for ebooks that have full-text available, dictionary definitions that are full-text, even library books that are available for check out that are full-text. What you shouldn't get are items that are not available, or only available via interlibrary loan. In the Advanced Search, this check box corresponds to "Full Text."

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Q. What does the "Find books, ebooks, etc. (not articles)" check box do?

A. If you check this box you will receive results that are in "book" format, whether in the library or online. These are items that appear in the Sherratt Library catalog only, meaning not newspaper articles, magazine or journal articles, or even dictionary definitions that come from other databases outside of the Sherratt Library catalog. In the Advanced Search, this check box corresponds to "Catalog only."

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Q. What is the check box for "Search SUU image collections only?"

A. Sherratt Library Special Collections has been making digital copies of images in their archives for years now. These images have previously only been searchable via the database that stores them. Now, however, they are searchable through this "Search Sherratt Library Resources" search box, and if you wanted to search only those images, you could check this box. In the Advanced search, this check box corresponds to "Institutional Repository Only."

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Q. Why is there a link to "Go to Advanced Search Instead?"

A. Everyone ends up in the Advanced Search interface eventually. That is where the results are returned. This link just allows you to go straight there instead of doing a search first.

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Q. Why does the look of the page seem to change after I do a search from the search box on the Library landing page?

A. After you do a search from the search box, the discovery service that works behind that box automatically returns results in the Advanced Search interface, so you can refine the results more efficiently.


Q. When I do my search, I see a yellow strip across the top of the page, that says, "Hello, Guest. Login for full access." What is that for?

A. Because Sherratt Library wants for *everyone* to be able to use the discovery service (even if they aren't SUU students, faculty, or staff), guest entry is provided by default. However, considering that you probably are a student, faculty, or staff, if you've already authenticated through the portal, all you have to do is click the part of the link that says, "Login for full access." Then, a cookie is placed in your browser that carries your portal credentials to items you find that are available only for SUU students, faculty, and staff. If you haven't logged in yet, you will get the familiar SUU login, and you can authenticate then as well.

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Q. To the left of the results, I see a bunch of check boxes and drop-down boxes with more check boxes, what it is all of that for?

A. The search box on the library landing page searches hundreds of different sources for your search terms. Consequently, the results you receive back are probably many, many more than you want or need. Those check boxes in the Advanced Search interface are there to help you refine the results to focus on the ones that are most relevant to you. While many of them are self-explanatory, check the Help link in the upper right-hand corner for in-depth explanations of tips, tricks, and shortcuts in the Advanced Search interface.

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