Gerald R. Sherratt Library

Special Collections: Order Forms & Guidelines

These PDF forms are provided for your information and convenience. They can be filled out and mailed with your payment or you may bring them to the Sherratt Library, Special Collections and Archives Department.

Application for Permission to Publish and/or Reproduce
This contract with Special Collections allows use of Special Collections images in a publication, web site, slide show, exhibit, advertisement, or business display.

Digitization and Reproduction Price List
Lists prices established for both digitization (scanning) and reproduction of images.

Photograph Use and Reproduction Fees
Use fees are charged for commercial use of Special Collections and Archives materials.

Reproduction fees cover the costs of making black and white and color prints from prints, slides, or digital files. Also listed are fees for audio and video tape duplication.

Reproduction Order Form
Use this form to obtain copies of images (photographs, negatives, slides). If you plan to use the images for publication, reproduction, or use in an exhibit, slide show, or business display, this form must be accompanied by the Application for Permission to Publish and or Reproduce.

Scanning Information Checklist
If you wish to order a digital scan of one of our images, use this form to indicate what type and quality of scan is desired.