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Michael O. Leavitt Collection: About

In the course of his governorship, Michael O. Leavitt collected papers, photographs, and audio/visual materials that defined the actions and responsibilities of a modern state governor. Before Governor Leavitt left office to join the Bush Administration in 2003, he recognized that the role of a governor serving at the end of one century and the beginning of another, has significant value unto itself in the field of human record. He established a record-keeping system that included a daily calendar of his activities along with the normal governor's papers and memoranda. The Michael O. Leavitt Collection offers a unique inside look into the work of a key state executive during a historic time in Utah's history.

The Michael O. Leavitt Online Archive will endeavor to make the entire collection of state papers, photographs, and artifacts searchable and viewable via a single Web portal. This will be the first online collection of its kind and we feel it is an apt tribute to the vision and leadership demonstrated by former Governor Leavitt.