Gerald R. Sherratt Library

SUU Press: Publishing Guidelines


The Southern Utah University press, a division of the Sherratt Library, is a refereed scholarly press, publishing titles in the following areas:
  • Southern Utah history
  • University History
  • Topics of regional interest
  • Selective biography
The press also publishes the annual refereed Faculty Honor Lecture and the Journal of the Wooden "O" Symposium. In addition to the above books of general and scholarly interest, the press is publishing a series of books on the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 and actively solicits books in this area The operation of the press is governed by SUU policy 13.27.

Initial Review

Authors interested in submitting their work to the Southern Utah University Press are asked to first send a manuscript proposal, which should consist of the following items:
  • a table of contents
  • the purpose of the book
  • intended audience of the book and information about them
  • a summary/abstract or chapter outline
  • information about its number of pages, number and type of illustrations, any special components, such as footnotes, bibliography, appendices, tables, glossaries, etc
  • statement about the competing works already in publication
  • parts of the book that have been previously published
  • a representative sample section of the text preferably the introduction or preliminary chapter.
  • a brief (less than 3 page) vita of the author(s)
This manuscript proposal will be reviewed by the editors and if the project seems to fall within the guidelines of our publication policy, the author will be invited to submit the complete manuscript for formal review. As a courtesy, authors should inform the editors if you submission is currently being considered by other presses.

Formal Review

If the author is invited to submit a full manuscript for our consideration, two clean paper copies of the entire manuscript, including all notes, bibliography appendices and any other components are required. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style for all matters of mechanics, including notes and bibliography. If the book is to include illustrations, send only photocopies. Please use the following guidelines for submission:
  • Use white 8.5 x 11 inch paper
  • Do not bind or place in binder
  • Double space everything
  • Leave one inch margins on all sides
  • Align margin left
  • Number pages consecutively
  • Notes at the end of the manuscript
  • Photographs, figures, charts, graphs, etc. on separate pages
Authors of manuscripts that contain illustrations or large amounts of quoted material will be responsible, if the press makes a publishing commitment, for obtaining all permissions to reprint and pay any use fees.

Evaluation Process

Step 1

Manuscripts are read first by an in-house editor(s). The manuscript is informally presented to the editorial board for suitability for our publishing program. Books deemed unsuitable are returned to the author.

Step 2

Suitable manuscripts are evaluated by two to three readers who are recognized authorities in the subject matter of the manuscript.

Step 3

After at least two favorable outside reviews, the manuscript is presented to the SUU Press and Editorial Board, which consists of nine representatives as outlined in the policy. Only after Board approval is the press able to make a publishing commitment.

Formal Acceptance

Publication takes place after negotiation and acceptance of a formal contract between the Press and the author. In some cases, the author receives a royalty on book sales, the amount of which is negotiated at the time the contract is offered.