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Circulation: Frequently Asked Questions

If none of these Q&A's answer your questions, feel free to come and ask us at the Circulation Desk, or view our Circulation Policy PDF.

How long may materials be checked out?

Books and media materials may be checked out for two weeks (aside from DVD's and VHS's, which may only be checked out for one week). Periodicals may be borrowed for two days. Reserve items are to be used in the library and may be checked out for two hours.

Who can check out materials?

Current SUU students, faculty, and staff may check out materials with a valid SUU ID card. Others may purchase a library patron card.

Students of other universities, and those in evening and distance learning programs, should check with the Circulation Desk regarding their privileges.

How can I check out materials?

Current SUU students, faculty, and staff may check out up to 25 items. Those with a patron card may check out up to 10 items.

All library users must check materials out at the Circulation Desk.

Where can I return materials?

Materials can be returned on campus at the Circulation Desk book return slot, the book return box by the library parking lot, and the book return slot outside the library entrance.

Materials may also be returned at any UALC Library.

What are the fines for overdue materials?

Fines are levied on overdue materials and are assessed at the following rates:

Books & Media

Fine per item: $0.30 / day
Maximum fine per item: $10.00


Fine per item: $0.50 / day
Maximum fine per item: $10.00

What if materials are lost?

The charge for lost items is the replacement cost plus a $15.00 processing fee. If a book that was paid for is found, it should be returned immediately to the Circulation Desk. If the book has not been reordered, your replacement cost will be refunded. The processing fee is not refundable.

How do I renew materials?

Materials can be renewed at the Circulation Desk, by calling (435) 865-8240, or online using the Library Catalog.

How can I receive reminders on materials?

When the due date for materials is near, you will receive an e-mail reminding you that it is due. Please keep your contact information, including your e-mail and phone number, up-to-date on the Catalog.

How do I purchase a patron card?

Utah residents over the age of 18 with a valid picture ID may purchase a library patron card for a fee of $25.00 per year. This card may be purchased at the Circulation Desk and may be used by all family members residing in the household.

How do I locate materials and collections?

Our Catalog indexes all the books contained in the Gerald R. Sherratt Library including all materials in the main, juvenile, curriculum, special collections, serials, media items, and government documents.

You can also view maps to see where specific collections are located. If you need further assistance locating materials, our Reference Librarian can assist you.

The Collections: Descriptions page explains what kinds of materials are in each collection.
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